Sixt Leasing offers powerful solutions for all strategic and operational issues relating to your business fleet through modular consulting and service components – regardless of the type of business vehicle financing.


Sixt car leasing has over 100 years of experience in the management of its own fleet. We transfer our experience to your fleet and support you as fleet consultants with our management services.

We never lose sight of your requirements and objectives: be it reducing your fleet costs, improving your sustainability or improving the attractiveness of your business fleet for your drivers – we develop an individual solution together with you.

You can book our consultants independently of a decision regarding business fleet management by Sixt Mobility Consulting and also in relation to other services. Examples include an introduction of the Sixt Multi-Bidding including automated ordering process, or finding a new insurance partner as part of Insurance management.


The customized vehicle configurator enables comprehensive manufacturer configuration and combines all manufacturer website configurators in a single tool. Due to its intuitive operation, it offers optimized usability.

As part of the introduction to the vehicle configurator we set up your Car Policy in our systems so that your drivers can see vehicles and equipment variants that are exactly relevant to them. We can provide mandatory and prohibitory equipment as well as set CO2 limits, or limits on engine capacity. In real time, we can calculate a contribution by the driver, where applicable, which is also tailored to the design of your company car order. In addition, the customized vehicle configurator provides valuable information on the financial benefits of a company vehicle.

You can use our vehicle configurator as a standalone solution or as part of our Sixt Multi-Bidding tool including an automated ordering process.


Sixt Leasing Fleet Intelligence combines the data from all areas of your fleet, which Sixt Mobility Consulting handles without Fleet Management Services. For all other sub-areas and a transnational perspective, we offer Sixt Global Reporting an additional holistic reporting solution.


Sixt Mobility Consulting compiles a personal driver helpdesk for your business, which consists exclusively of experts for your fleet and your company car order. Your drivers receive an individual phone number and an individual email address.


Sixt Mobility Consulting is your best partner for order and delivery management and handles logistics services such as transportation, fittings and graphics.


Sixt Leasing Consulting provides your driver with emergency assistance 24/7 in case of accident, breakdown or theft. In the first instance, Sixt Assistance takes care of transportation for your drivers. It can access both the Sixt car rental network well as your existing framework contracts for this. At the same time, Sixt Leasing Consulting organizes salvage of the damaged vehicle.

Sixt Leasing Consulting directs repairs to our strong partner network, based on your requirements and those of any potential commercial car leasing company. This allows for a reduction in your claims costs – regardless of the type of insurance.

We offer claims management as part of a product package as well as a standalone solution for owned and leased vehicles. We are happy to optimize your loss ratio or looking for a new insurance partner with a consulting project.


As part of our inspection and maintenance management programme, we direct your drivers, in accordance with your requirements, to the nearest partner garage. Your drivers can access these via our Smartphone App.

Before work starts, a written order is placed including a fixed and defined price. After the work has been carried out, the invoice is checked over by a team of master mechanics and may be amended. We also handle warranty and replacement claims and ensure the quality of our partners by continuous monitoring.


Sixt Leasing has a network of tyre partners with individual service agreements. We coordinate seasonal tyre changes and offer various packages: from tyre changes in our partner garages to tyre changes on your property.


We make your drivers’ fuel consumption transparent with Sixt Fleet Intelligence and prepare outlier reports and information on deviating refueling for you. We offer fuel card management either as part of a package, or as a standalone solution for both owned and leased vehicles.


We take care of the notification and cancellation of your new vehicles with the relevant insurance company. At the same time, we make all the necessary adjustments and re-registrations. Insurance coverage for your vehicles at any given time is therefore taken care of.



If you need to speak to one of our team about any of the services we provide, please fill out this contact form and one of our team will be in touch ASAP. We look forward to your enquiry.

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